Răzvan Răducanu, PhD

Web programming, CyberSec, PR Online

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Web programming

  • Back end programming: PHP/MySQL, PHP frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc.), NodeJs programming
  • Front end programming: Javascript, Bootstrap

Cyber Security

  • Web vulnerabilities analysis: SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, information leakage, session management
  • Network security: Trojans, Worms
  • OS Security: Intrusion detection, Firewalls, Pentesting

Applied mathematics

  • Mathematical modelling with Matlab

Public relations online

  • Social media audit, social media policies, crisis management, brand management


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Web programming

This course discusses basic PHP/MySQL programing as well as basic MVC concepts.

Database programming

This course discusses several types of databases (MySQL, XML, Mongodb) with applications in web programming.

Cyber Security

This course discusses web vulnerabilities, OS and network security techniques.


This course discusses Ms Office apps.

Public Relations Online

This course discusses several SEO techniques, Wordpress, how to make a social media audit, etc.

Math Software

This course discusses some math software like Matlab AppDesigner, GeoGebra, MathJax, etc.

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